Soldier Troubled Over Deployment

Soldier Troubled Over Deployment
By:  Arnold Wyrick

After serving more then 8 years in the U.S. Army with the 101st Airborne, Staff Sergent Ali Abukhdair, says he's not getting what the Army promised him. His father, Ali Abukhdair, says he feels his son was tricked.
"But he trusted his superiors and promises. I think he should've been more careful and asked for written promises, which he didn't get. It's nothing but verbal," Abukhdair said.
Ali's sons troubles began last fall; shortly after returning from Iraq.
"His contract was expiring October 2004. And we discussed it, the service. He enjoyed it, he didn't mind it."
Abukhdair says, the Army finally convinced his son to reenlist. His son, put one stipulation on his reenlistment notice to the Army.
"One thing he didn't want was to go back to Iraq," Ali said. His commander at the time told him, "no problem, I can send you to Fort Lee in Virginia, that unit never leaves anywhere".
Days after arriving at the base, his unit received orders for deployment. Now his father, and the rest of the family worry about Ali's return to Iraq.
" He told them he couldn't kill, because of his religion. And I think where his problem is, is he speaks Arabic, they want him for that purpose. To me I feel he was tricked. And we are really afraid," Ali said.
Staff Sergent Ali Abukhdair's unit is scheduled to deploy next Tuesday and he's been told he'll be on that plane, even though he's filed a conscientious objector status with the U.S. Army, to the War in Iraq.