Farmington, MO prepares salt trucks for ice storm

FARMINGTON, MO (KFVS) - The Farmington, Missouri Public Works crews spent the last couple of days preparing for freezing rain.

They have collected salt to cover the roadways necessary and will start applying the salt when the roads freeze.

Some areas use a pre-treatment brine on the roadways but Farmington does not have access to it.

The director of public works for Farmington, Larry Lacy, said even if they did have access they wouldn't use it for a storm like this one.

"When it's raining before the ice it will frequently wash that off so it didn't do you any good to apply it," said Lacy. "This year we don't have salt brine available, we have used it in the past but this year we don't have it available, so we're just using the granulated salt."

Lacy also said it's important to stay off the roads if there is ice. If you are on the roads stay back from the salt trucks. The more room they have the quicker they can do their job.

He said they target certain areas first to help with possible traffic issues.

"We primarily use the salt and the chat at intersections so that people aren't sliding into the intersection and causing traffic accidents," said Lacy. "I would say that the biggest single thing that drivers can do it make sure they're going slow enough for the conditions."

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