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Cape Central student scores perfect SAT and ACT scores

(Source: Hank Cavagnaro, KFVS) (Source: Hank Cavagnaro, KFVS)

Amy Dai, a senior at Cape Central High School, earned perfect scores on her SAT, ACT, and PSAT tests.

It's something that's rarely done.

"I don't recall ever having a student that was both ACT and SAT," said Mark Hahn, Amy's science teacher.

"I was just really amazed and astounded and I couldn't really believe what I was seeing," said Dai.

The Cape Central Tiger took her tests last year and aced them with flying colors.

"I really enjoy what I do so that helps a lot," said Dai "I just kinda approach it it how I approach any other test I would take at school."

"I have a lot of students that are very motivated to get a good grade in the class," said Hahn. "But it's kinda special when you have a student who is genuinely focused on learning for the sake of learning I just think she's generally curious about everything."

School and extra-curricular take up all of her time, she's involved with debate team, tennis team, and art classes. Even though it's hard work she credits them with getting her ready for the tests.

"Yea I would definitely say so especially the things that are more academic related," she said. "Time management is a huge thing."

Amy's still waiting to make her college decision but has applied all over the country.

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