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IRS: Expect tax delays if you claim tax credits

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A new IRS requirement could leave you waiting longer than normal for your refund.

The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act or Path passed in late 20-15 and now is in effect for all states.

Now, the IRS is digging deeper into some W-2s and it could leave you waiting longer to get your refund.

Teresa Robinson works for H&R Block.

"Its going to cause refund delays for approximately 30 million taxpayers who file early," Robinson said.

Shes talking about the new focus on earned income tax credits, which are benefits many working people and families claim on their tax returns.

"In Missouri last year alone, 500,000 people filed for earned income tax credit, so it has the impact to affect a lot of people," she said.

Because, Robinson said, a lot of tax fraud revolves around those credits.

So if you use them, don't expect a quick return.

"It will delayed," she said. "They're not going to start doing anything until February 15 with those because they are going to do a thorough check, so the first time that they will see their money is the week of the February 27."

But even with that delay, Robinson recommends still filing as early as possible.

"They will start doing them in order," she said. "So if you wait, you are going to be behind all the people that have already filed. Even though they are going to start taking them on the 15, you still need to get in there like you normally do!"

As for everyone else, Robinson says the same rules apply.

"Well they need to bring their IDs," Robinson said.  "Of course their income documents, social security card if they have those available, we want to make sure the person that sits in front of us is the person is indeed the person who is filing for that return."

This year the tax filing deadline will be Tuesday, April 18.

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