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Marion PD forms narcotics unit

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On Monday, January 9, the Marion Police Department started it's own narcotics unit with the goal of getting drugs off the streets. 

"Drugs are the root of a lot problems," Investigator Thompson said.

The Marion Police Department's Narcotics Unit hasn't been in operation very long, but they've already made a bust.

The unit, staffed by Sergeant Justin Dwyer and Officer Jesse Thompson, will focus on getting drugs off the streets of Marion.

"This way we have two guys that this is their focus…they're not having to worry about answering calls, they're not having to worry about going handle accidents, this is what they do. They have their whole shift to nothing but go out and look for investigative leads,” Dawn Tondini, Marion Chief of Police, said.

Other officers may also help out the unit with things like mobile surveillance, stakeouts and other specialized operations.

The narcotics unit performed a search warrant on January 1 at a home in the 900 block of West Cherry Street.

Officers found two handguns along with drug paraphernalia and ammunition.

Two people were arrested.

Tyron Watson, 37, is charged with unlawful use of a weapon by a felon.

Angela Cosby, 51, is charged with possession of a weapon with no valid FOID card.

"The more we can do at arresting the small time users to the dealers, hopefully we can curb other crime that occurs in Marion," Tondidi said. 

Sergeant Dwyer said he loves his job and is excited to come to work everyday, almost as if it was his first day.

“My drive is that I’ve grown up in this region and my entire family and my friends live in this region…my driving force is I want to do my job properly because those people rely on me to do my job properly."

Sergeant Dwyer said the agency's goal is to work as a a team.

"The narcotics unit is another piece of the puzzle of our department. You mentioned being self sufficient-- as some departments rely on us, we also rely on other departments.”

Other departments like The SWAT team, Emergency Response Team, Patrol Officer, and even the K9 unit, all work together to help make Marion a place everyone is proud to call home.

If you have information about drug activity in Marion, you can call 618-993-2124 ext. 1229 or ext. 1211 (leave a message if no one picks up).

Officers ask that you give as much information as possible, including activities observed, the location and time of suspicious activity, along with any names, ages or a description of the participants.

Those that call in tips can remain anonymous, or you can leave your name and phone number for investigators to follow up.

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