Carbondale Police and Fire Departments Investigate Suspicious Fires

Police and Fire Departments Investigate Suspicious Fires
By: Lauren Keith

Carbondale, IL -- Carbondale police and firefighters call two shed fires "suspicious."
First, fire destroyed a shed, about 7:30 Wednesday night.  It's on a lot near the old Carbondale Community High School practice field, on Oakland street.

Shortly after that, the assistant fire chief says his crews responded to a second shed fire call, but in the second case, no flames ever ignited, so it's being called a case of attempted arson.

Meanwhile, police are investigating if the two fires are related and who might be responsible.

No one was hurt in either fire.  We'll try to have more on these fires on later editions of Heartland News.

Also, you'll remember just last week in nearby Murphysboro,  fire crews blamed two children for burning down one shed, after the children admitted to playing with matches, near that shed.