Carbondale, IL ministry keeping homeless population, volunteers warm during cold weather

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Some areas in the heartland are seeing temperatures in the single digits, prompting some communities to take steps to make sure people have a warm place to sleep.

Some in Carbondale say efforts like this are especially helpful for the homeless population.

Good Samaritan Ministries is a homeless shelter in town, and whenever the temperatures drop below freezing, they go into cold weather mode.

Normally, non-residents are only allowed to visit the shelter when they're serving food, but with the cold weather, they'll break out cots and blankets, just to make sure folks don't have to suffer the harsh temperatures outside.

"It's just helping your fellow man - people feel like if you don't have money you can't help out, but you don't need to have money to help them out. Even just talking with someone - it's a different conversation with every person - that's the biggest part for me about working here," said Cameron McDonald-Cahill.

Good Samaritan is in part grant-funded, but workers there say a large part of what they do relies on donations - like those from local bakery Larry's House of Cakes, which donates food for them on a daily basis.

If Good Samaritan's is full, the warming center at city hall is open throughout the weekend in room 103. The warming center is providing hospitality bags for anyone who needed to get in from the cold. The bags have things like beef jerky and food.

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