Fewer Flyers?

Fewer Flyers?
By:  Wes Wallace
Cape Girardeau, MO -- A recent survey of regional airports across Missouri found fewer flyers are taking off these days.
"Just about all the smaller, community airports have been down in boardings," says Bruce Loy, with the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport, "It's been that way for the last year, year-and-a-half."
Loy says, no longer are the post 9-11 days when people prefer traveling by regional airports, because of shorter waits and quicker trips through security lines. His explains, why his airport has less people flying the friendly skies has a lot to do with the fact it only connects to and from Lambert St Louis Airport. "They've dropped service, so there's simply less destinations to go to, and that's caused more waits and longer time for layovers, so people just drive to St. Louis, instead of flying from here."
Things are picking up. Loy points to a very recent surge in airport activity, "We finally hit bottom and bounced back this month, we're up more than ten percent in business than we were this same time last year."
Different Airport, Different Story
Less than 90 miles away, the Barkley Regional Airport in Paducah soars above the competition, this according to Marketing Director Jackie Jones. "We have people coming her from all over the Heartland, simply because we have 12 flights a day (6 coming and 6 going), cheaper fares and good ticket prices, plus we fly to one hundred and eleven different destinations."
Jones also points out the airport is not subsidized and has two different major air carriers, so with the competition, they can offer lower ticket costs.