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Some Butler Co. homeowners upset about high electric bills, company responds

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It's that time of year where you must turn up the thermostat to make up for those colder temps outside.

Of course, when you do that a higher electric bill is expected, but some homeowners in Butler County say they didn't expect it to double.

Some Butler County residents say their bills grew more than $100 from December to January.

 Homeowner Donald Butler said he couldn't believe it when he received his in the mail.

"$74, $72 or maybe up to $90," Butler said he normally pays in electricity.

But when he opened his bill this year, he never expected it to be almost doubled.

"When you're on a fixed income, you just lay out your bills and you have what you got and what you don't have, and when it comes in like this, that'll set you back," he said.

Butler isn't the only one who says his bill skyrocketed – a countless number of other homeowners took their frustrations to the Ozark Border Electric Company's Facebook page as well.

General Manager David Shrimp said they did raise rates back in September from 7.98 cents per kilowatt to 8.5 cents.

But, Shrimp said there's a simple reason for these higher December bills - customers are using more electricity to heat their homes. 

Butler's bill shows he used 400 more kilowatts this year than last year, but he says that still doesn't make sense why it's so high.

"I mean other than cooking the Thanksgiving meal and stuff, you use a little bit more on the stove, but it doesn't seem like its that much!" Butler said.

Regardless, Butler said he's going to bite the bullet and pay what he owes.

"You have to, you don't pay it they turn off your lights and your heat and I don't have a wood burner," he said.

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