Hearing Help

Hearing Help
By:  Wendy Ray
Perryville, MO -- Let's face it, some medical things we have to have done are expensive and they're not always covered by insurance. Most of the time that includes hearing aids, even for children, but that doesn't mean all kids who need them have to go without. The Miracle Ear Children's Foundation gives free hearing aids to children who qualify. Parents can make up to $45,000 a year and still have their child's hearing aids costs covered. It's a big expense taken care of and Wednesday, nine year old Shauna Craft got fitted for hers in Perryville.
"You've got to get it up over the top of your ear," hearing instrument specialist Janette Call tells Shauna. "There you go. How does it feel," Janette asks Shauna. "Good," Shauna says. Pink is Shauna's favorite color, so it's fitting that her new hearing aids are pink. She's anxious to get them because life has been a bit of a struggle for Shauna. "I couldn't hear very good," Shauna says. "It definitely affected her school work," Shauna's mom Heather says. "She's had lots of problems with reading and and writing.  We hope this makes a difference."
A test of her hearing aids, just minutes after she's fitted, show they're working just fine. Shauna has mild to moderate neurosensory hearing loss. Janette warns her they will be an adjustment. "Things are going to sound different," Janette says. "Your voice is going to sound different, your mom's voice is going to sound different."
It's a difference Shauna is happy she can hear, with her free hearing aids.  The Miracle Ear Children's Foundation provided them to Shauna. They would cost more than $7,000 without the foundation's help. "I'm just glad there's a program out there for people who don't have the money or cash to write out a check. I'm glad it's there for the kids who need it," Shauna's mom, Heather says.
Shauna will go back in a week to make sure there's no ear soreness or any other problems.