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New IL law could affect driving decisions

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New laws in Illinois could affect your pocket or your safety. 

Scotts Law requires motorist to make a lane change or reduce speed when approaching a stationary emergency vehicle with red or blue lights activated. 

The new update to Scotts Law, or "More Over" Law in 2017 extends the same courtesy to civilian vehicles. The law will apply to any stationary vehicle on the side of the road or shoulder of the highway with hazardous lights on. 

Illinois State Trooper Joey Watson gives an example, "say for instance you’re changing a tire on the side of the roadway, your drive side tire, this gives you that margin of safety."

One driver believes this type of level of safety is the considerate thing to do.

"You ought to be a little courteous, you know, that’s what causes all the road rage problems out there, is the lack of courtesy," said Paul Decker.

If you do no abide the law, then there is a $100 fine. "It gives people the ability to know that there's protection for them. So that hopefully people will be doing the right thing… and moving over out of that adjacent lane of traffic and keeping them much safer.”

The price of the traffic citation is getting reactions.

One man, Neil Bradshaw, simply said, "That's pretty rough...I don't think that's a great idea."

One truck driver, Jabbar Anderson, was indifferent, "It's not going to affect me because I already to do it anyway."

However, Decker believes it the citation amount will stir the make people more aware, "I think it might get some people attention, especially the first time they get hit with that fine. That may get their attention to start being a little more courteous.”

State Trooper Watson challenges motorist to look at this new law at a "bonus to the public - and extend[ed] courtesy so they are protected". 

Whether courteous or safe, it is important to be aware of the cars on the shoulder of the road.

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