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Commuting during a foggy day

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Fog is a sight which can be extremely enjoyable and beautiful, when we are not the one stuck driving in it.

A foggy commute not only cause a regular drive to become longer, it can also make it extremely dangerous.

The National Weather Service has suggestions for dealing with foggy conditions.

  • Slow down and give yourself some extra time to make it there. Speeding on a normal day creates a dangerous situation, fog only increases the risks.
  • Use low-beam lights to help everyone ahead of your see you, but also those behind. Many cars these days use daytime running lights, but with those it often does not include taillights. Turning on your normal low-beam lights also turns on taillights.
  • Do not use high-beam lights because it can create glare, making it hard to see.
  • Fog can cause traffic to make sudden changes, so giving more than normal space between you and the cars ahead will help.

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