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How & when to stretch during a work out


If you exercise, stretching is important and stretching the right way is even more important. 

“There is definitely a right and a wrong way to stretch,” Fitness Trainer Tamatha Crowson said. 

We look at two common types of stretching and how to incorporate them into your workout. 

The first is static stretching.

“That is best done after your workout,” Crowson said. “The reason is research shows that when you do a static stretch before you work out, lifting weights specifically, you will decrease your amount of strength.  So you want to save that for the end.”

Static stretching is when you hit a stretch and you hold it for about 10 to 15 seconds.

“This is when you’re going to really improve flexibility,” Crowson said.

The second is dynamic stretching.

“The stretches that you do before you lift or work out are called dynamic stretches,” Crowson said. “Dynamic is anything like a pulsing movement or a stretch and release.”

Crowson says knowing what types of stretches to do and when to do them can help you avoid injuries.

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