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Poplar Bluff, MO parents upset after popular 'Hatchimal' toy doesn't hatch

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Did you go through hoops to give your child a Hatchimal this season, but had some trouble when it was time for it to hatch?

Well, hundreds of parents did - and now they’re wondering what to do. 

The Hatchimal is the hot new gift that every kid wanted under their Christmas tree. It’s a furry friend that hatches out of an egg and interacts with its user.

During our Does it Work segment, the Hatchimal got great reviews, receiving 4 and a half stars from a class of 2nd graders. But if it was up to 9-year-old Hannah Burton, it would get zero stars – as her Hatchimal never hatched.

“Christmas morning, the one gift that she wanted was the Hatchimal," said Ahleana Burton, her mom. "So she was super excited when she opened it up Christmas morning from Santa Claus."

"And then, when I got it all opened, my dad pulled out all the tabs - and it didn’t work," Hannah continued.

According the toy’s manual, users are supposed to pick up the Hatchimal and rub it to encourage it to come out its shell in about 25 minutes.

The Burtons say they did just that and received no reaction.

“We spent about an hour or two trying to troubleshoot and then we gave up!" Ahleana Burton said.

The Burtons weren’t the only ones who were let down – hundreds of parents say their Hatchimal didn’t work either.

The toy’s manufacturing company, Spin Master, released a statement apologizing and ensuring all parents that they’ve hired more staff and plans to resolve the issue.

For now, Hannah said she plans to wait, but her dad David has a different plan in mind.

“I’m about to crack it open and fry it," he said laughing. "See what comes out then!”

We’ll keep you updated when Spin Master release the next step in repairing or replacing the defected Hatchimals.

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