12/28/16 - Heartland Hunger

By Frank Jones
SEMO Food Bank Board Chairperson

Hunger does not take a holiday. We are grateful for your generous support of the SEMO Food Bank and all the local food pantries in our Heartland. The Christmas spirit is alive and well. However, the fight against hunger continues. Did you know that one in four children right here in our Heartland is not sure when or where they will get their next meal?  Pause a moment and think about that.  One in four children in our communities suffer from food insecurity.

Most of us share the same hopes and fears. We want what is best for our children and our families, yet many go hungry on a regular basis. Some worry silently how they will provide that next meal. So, what can we do to help provide those less fortunate and their children the best chance at a healthy life? As we approach the new year consider this: The SEMO Food Bank can provide four meals from every $1 donated. THAT'S FOUR MEALS FROM EVERY DOLLAR!

Please take the first step and call for more information. Please get involved in our fight against hunger. The numbers are listed below. Can we count on you this holiday season to be the difference? Together, we can help write a happier ending to the hunger stories in this coming new year.  Please!  Let's keep our Heartland families nourished. Thank you!

SEMO Food Bank - 1-800-703-FOOD

Feeding America - www.feedingamerica.org/

Tri-State Food Bank - www.tristatefoodbank.org/

Kentucky Food Bank - www.purchaseadd.org/Commodity_and_Food_Bank/

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