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How to mitigate aches and pains related to winter weather

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There's a lot of different pains associated with the cold winter weather - from joints to migraines, it can all hurt.

But there are some things you can do for relief. 

One expert said trying to trap in the heat with layers can help with those aches and pains. 

"I don't even have to go outside, I can tell you how cold it is before I even step outside, depending on how stiff it is."

Melinda Kirkley said she has a severe form of arthritis.

"I damaged ligaments, tendons, nerves and broke both bones on my ankle when I was 19. Ever since then, arthritis has set in up in the joint."

Dr. Jehan Murugaser is a Family Medicine Physician at Southeast Hospital and said this time of year can be tough.

"Often arthritis gets worse some people, get more migraine headaches... Just general joint pains and headaches are the most common pains that we encounter at this time of year."

Since keeping the cold out is key Murugaser said it's important to layer up. 

"Layers trap heat and especially for parietal arthritis you really want to cover all the joints you can. Hands are really prone to cold weather, so anything that you can to do to wear gloves, scarves, beanies, things like that, to cover as much body surface as possible, would be fantastic."

Thankfully, relief is just a season away. 

"Usually around the spring time when it gets a little warmer... [that's] when symptoms improve the most."

Dr. Murugaser said these symptoms are the most common complaints that he sees during this time of year.

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