Tips to keep your heaters and generators safe this winter

Tips to keep your heaters and generators safe this winter

(KFVS) - Temperatures have definitely dropped below the freezing point and with that, furnaces all around the Heartland have already been kicked on. But there are a few tips that you need to know to keep your heaters and space heaters safe this winter season.

Heating Specialists like Dwayne Kirchhoff check furnaces for people. One of the first things they check is to make sure the gas fittings are tight and the filters are clean and new.

A dirty or clogged furnace can cause problems.

"It's very important to get good airflow across that heat exchanger," said Kirchoff. "If you don't, and it overheats, it's like a car. If it overheats it causes damage to the motors."

That overheating can cause dirty filters to catch fire as well. Which is the same problem that he see's with smaller portable space heaters.

"Clothes, papers or any type of household items, sitting in front of that space heater creates a fire hazard," he said.

Also, Kirchoff stressed the importance of carbon monoxide detectors for anyone with a gas furnace.

The goal to stay safe and warm this holiday season.

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