Welcome Colette Marie!

Welcome Colette Marie!

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - One look at precious Colette Marie and it's easy to forgive her disdain for time.

It all started with her delaying her due date by 11 days. Nowadays, she just can't seem to get her days and nights figured out.

In all seriousness, Colette has been a dream baby for Laura Wibbenmeyer and her husband Chase. With her perfect features, little smile, and abundance of dark hair, she favors Laura.

"Things are tough at times, but they're also wonderful," said Laura.

Having a two year old and a newborn...well let's just say Laura is really busy these days.

"Vivian loves being a big sister. She loves to help. She's always asking, 'Check Colette? Check Colette?'"

Colette has taken up residence in her big sister's old room, sleeping in a bouncy seat in her crib.

She's not totally out of Vivian's reach, but far enough to slow her down a bit.

Vivian adores Colette but sometimes the adoration of a two year old can be dangerous.

"We don't want her to flip her out of her seat," laughed Laura.

Laura's days are like they are for any mom of two young children: stressful, fun, exhausting, maddening, and wonderful all at the same time.

Laura took three months off to stay home with Colette but soon it'll be time to return to the weather desk. As hard as it will be to leave her, Laura has a great support system from her family and in-laws.

Laura has a good sense of humor so I had to ask her when baby number three will join the group (all new moms LOVE to talk about having another baby when they're running on fumes and recovering from the last pregnancy :)

Needless to say, Laura found my question amusing and said, "I think we're done. Never say never, but I feel like our family is complete now that she is here."

Look for Laura to be back on the air in early January.

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