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Heartland man discusses his experience voting in the Electoral College

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The results of Monday's Electoral College vote were no surprise for one Heartland political expert.    

Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas all voted for president-elect Donald Trump and Illinois voted for Hillary Clinton.

Electors in Illinois and Kentucky are required by law to honor the popular vote in their states.

One political science professor at Southeast Missouri State University said this election has put a lot of pressure on the electoral college votes more than previous years.

"At that time the dynamic was McCain lost, soundly, solidly you didn't have republicans calling democratic electors saying 'hey vote for somebody else' but given the dynamics of this, you are seeing this unfold and that doesn't typically happen," Dr. Jason Sides, Assistant Professor of Political Science said.

Dr. Sides said this is the second time in about 16 years where the president won the electoral majority, but not the popular vote.

Last month, Scott R. Clark was overwhelmed by people trying to sway his vote. 

It's his first time as a representative in the Electoral College and people are still trying to change his mind. 

"I got 150 letters in my mailbox yesterday," Clark said.

Scott R. Clark is a Republican Elector Representative in Missouri.

"It's a flood of emotions for sure."

He said it's the first time he's ever voted in the Electoral College.

"I got up very early this morning got into Jefferson City a little before noon met with some other electors we had lunch kind of talked around the room about our experience and the day and kind of pondered about the importance of what we were about to do," Clark said.

At about 2 p.m. he said he finally got to cast his vote.

"I can finally say that I have voted for the president of the United States," Clark said.

Clark said its something he's wanted for a long time. 

"Since I was 10, most people don't start planning when they are 10," Clark said. "But, it's been a life-long dream to figure out one, how you get to be a member of the electoral college and two, and how to be able to actually participate and it's been an honor to do this, this early in my life."  

So who did he vote for?

"I upheld their wishes and voted for Donald J. Trump for president of the United States and Michael R. Pence for vice president of the United States," Clark said.

Scott R. Clark said his plans for Monday night are just going home and getting ready for work on Tuesday because it's time to get back to normal. 

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