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How to beat the holiday shipping rush

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Have you finished up your holiday shopping list?

Well, you might want to this weekend so you can beat the crowds when you go to send off your holiday packages.

A UPS truck holds lots of boxes every day during the holiday season and it will only become more crowded as Christmas approaches.

"I'm usually the one that waits till the last minute," Cape Girardeau resident Lee Johnson said.

Johnson who beat out the crowd when she had to drop off her holiday gifts.

"They are backing up when we got here there was only two customers I think that was about all. But they're doing good though very busy today," Johnson said.

Doug Rystrom is the co-owner of the UPS Store.

"This is our busiest time of the year shipping printing everything," he said.

He said if you plan on stopping at the UPS store on your lunch break or after work, expect a crowd.

"It's really lunch time and about the 5 o'clock hour are our busiest times so about the 3 o'clock hour it slows down a little bit," Rystrom said.

He is expecting this upcoming Monday, Dec. 19, 2016 to be extremely busy.

"You can still do UPS ground right now, but starting Monday it's going to be a little tougher to get it on time," Rystrom said.

And he said the longer you wait the more you'll have to pay.

"The earlier the better when you get in here if you ship off later it can cost you more so try to get here by Monday we can guarantee a three day select on Monday or UPS ground is today or Saturday the weekend is good so come in early."

After Johnson shipped out everything she needed to for the holiday her advice is to not wait until the last minute.

"Do it before I did! I'm always the last minute person," Johnson said.

And just remember, the farther it has to travel, the longer it'll take and the more expensive it'll be.

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