Nonprofit director from Vienna, IL takes paycut to help others stay employed

VIENNA, IL (KFVS) - Many organizations in Illinois are being affected by the budget impasse in Springfield. A local woman in Vienna, IL worked for free to help her coworkers.

Sherrie Crabb, Executive Director of Family Counseling Service, laid herself off. She gave up about a third of her annual salary to keep other employees with jobs.

"In order to run a successful non profit business, you always to keep that in the forefront of your mind - that the people that you serve are the most important. So you may have to make sacrifices along the way to do that, in a sense... I kinda wish our legislators had that same mindset," Crabb explains.

Lawmakers in Springfield have not come to an agreement and are now in the 18th month without a state budget.

Due to the budget deadlock, the lack of state funding has cause many local programs to shut down.

However, Family Counseling Service has kept their Angel Program in active this holiday season.

The Angel Tree Coordinator explains the hard reality. "It's so difficult, because being the family resource developer, part of my job is not just the angel tree, but during the course of the year finding resources for people that are struggling one way or the other - a lot of the resources that I was able to tap into before are not existent now."

Vienna's Fire Department partners with Family Counseling Center and the Angle Tree Program because they recognize the need and the role FCC in the community for and the "most vulnerable and children of the community".

"We respond to tragedies, and while we are really prepared to do that, we also want to be a part of giving back to the community - and it's a way for us to be in the public eye and not always in a tragic situation," said Dale Russell, a firefighter.

If you are interested in donating this holiday season, please visit Family Counseling Center's website for a monetary gift via Paypal here.

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