Keep kids safe while playing in the cold

Keep kids safe while playing in the cold

(KFVS) - "Play knows no weather."

As a mother of two, pediatrician Maria Duroseau knows kids run to snow like a siren call.

However, cold weather has its dangers like frostbite.

"The first thing to not do, is don't rub them," said Dr. Duroseau. "And I know that's kind of natural instinct, you want to rub them back to warmth. But depending on how frostbitten they are, that can cause damage to the tissues. You want to take off the wet gloves and put them in warm water."

To prevent those fingers and toes from getting too cold in the first place set time limits for the kids to come inside.

"If you keep yelling out and saying are you too cold, they'll yell back no because they want to keep playing," she said. "If they come in with the understanding that once you come in and mom checks you out then it'll be OK to go play."

And always be sure to layer up.

"A way to estimate how much clothing a child needs, is typically they need an extra layer from what you have on," Dr. Duroseau recommended. "So if it's cold enough for you to wear a sweater then they need a coat."

And with cold weather comes the common cold.

"Snotty nose and coughing. Everyone's going to get at least two to three colds during this season."

Dr. Duroseau said they see a lot of it this time of year, but it's nothing to worry about unless a fever persists or your child has labored breathing.

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