12/13/16 - Happy Holidays?

12/13/16 - Happy Holidays

By Scott Thomas
KFVS12 Vice President and General Manager

It's the middle of December and the holidays are in full swing.  And you can't go anywhere without someone saying "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas" when you see them. What I want to know is what's so wrong with saying Happy Holidays?

The Christmas holiday celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and is a tradition filled with love, but it would seem some people can only find rage in their hearts for anyone who opts to use the term "Happy Holidays" and have missed the point of the greeting.

Someone sent this Facebook message in response to some "happy holidays greetings" we were airing on KFVS12. It reads:

"Hey news team. It is "MERRY CHRISTMAS" not "happy holidays". I am offended when you take Christ out of the season. It is HIS season."

Now, those staff greetings started running before Thanksgiving and at that point it would have been too early to say Merry Christmas. We've since recorded new ones, which, by the way, we planned to do before that message was received. In them our staff members were encouraged to say whichever greeting they wished. Some said Merry Christmas, others said Happy Holidays.

But our staff greetings aren't the point. Why does it matter what they say and what's wrong with saying Happy Holidays? Many faiths celebrate holy days in the month of December and the holidays are a season stretching from Thanksgiving thru New Year's. Our staff's response pointed out that Happy Holidays is not excluding Christ but rather including everyone, which I believe is what Christ would want.

Bottom line, the Christmas season is a holiday and when you say Happy Holidays I believe the intention is to say, "I hope all of your holidays are Happy." So instead of being offended when you hear happy holidays, why not realize that saying "happy holidays" isn't taking Christ out of Christmas, it's wishing everyone, regardless of faith, a happy holiday season. .

I'm Scott Thomas and that's our ViewPoint.

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