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SIU students provided with new smartphone app to make campus travel safer

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Students at SIU have a new tool to stay safe while walking on campus.

The SIU police department developed what's called the "SIU Safe Walk" App.

It allows students, staff, and faculty to simply hit a few buttons, and an SIU police officer will meet them at any location on campus, making sure they get to their destination safely.

Parents of students say the app definitely offers some peace of mind.

"It's helpful - it gives the parents a little peace of mind, for the kids - or myself, like my daughter, she will be safe getting home," said Maher Aboujabal.

Students say they understand the importance of apps like this.

"Unfortunately, the society we live in today isn't exactly as safe as it can be,so I feel like having a police escort would be a good idea, especially for those students who don't feel safe on campus," said Falyn King, a student worker.

Students have always been asked to use caution after dark on campus, and are still encouraged to only use well-lit walkways at night.

Earlier this year, the university vowed to respond to several shooting incidents in nearby areas of Carbondale by adding additional safety measures.

The app was rolled out over the past few months.

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