Business holds open house in Perryville, MO after devastating fire

Business holds open house in Perryville, MO after devastating fire
(Source: Tina Wade, facebook)
(Source: Tina Wade, facebook)
(Source: cNews)
(Source: cNews)

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - After a devastating fire in Perryville, Missouri, a business is getting back on its feet.

According to the Atlas EPS HR Coordinator DeOnna Dunivan, on Saturday, June 9, Atlas EPS will host an open house, which will be free and open to the public from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to celebrate the grand opening.

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Later on Wednesday, June 13, they will have a private grand opening celebration, as well. The event will be attended by our employees, many members of our management, many contractors and subcontractors that were responsible for our rebuilding, and several community leaders according to Dunivan.

The state fire marshal was called to investigate the fire at Atlas Roofing in Perryville.

Firefighters were called to the scene around 9:15 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 8.

There were three employees in the building when the fire broke out. They all made it out safely.

According to Perryville Fire Chief Jeremy Triller, the fire is believed to have started in the break room which spread from there.

Triller said the fire was spotted and called in about thirty minutes after employees had left from a break they had in that room.

He said the corporation employed roughly 40 people there, and they have plans to keep those workers employed.

Triller said the building had a lot of damage. 50% of the building's roof caved in and another 25% had damage as well.

There were several different office buildings but we're all connected to each other as a whole. One warehouse did survive the fire and was virtually untouched.

Because the fire department is familiar with the products and chemicals produced at the company, it called for mutual aid immediately.

An estimated 20 different fire departments responded to the scene throughout the night.

"Everybody came together and, unfortunately, we were only able to save probably less than 50 percent of the building," said Perryville Fire Chief Jeremy Tiller. "But, we had a lot of help and we needed every bit of it."

Atlas roofing encompasses several buildings, and when crews arrived, they say flames were shooting out of the roof of one of the company's central buildings.

The fire spread too quickly for firefighters to control easily, spreading within minutes to several other buildings to the east.

Buildings to the west were equipped with sprinkler systems, and those were able to help firefighters keep the flames from spreading to those buildings.

The cold weather also affected firefighters and how they attacked the fire. Some of the water they used froze, making the ground slippery.

"It's always definitely a hard struggle this time of year when it's super, super freezing cold weather. We've got ice everywhere. We've got firefighters falling. Luckily, we've got MoDot out here that's running around spreading salt and sand on the roadways and on the fire scene. That's really been a big help to us," said Tiller.

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