A Final Goodbye

A Final Goodbye
By:  Arnold Wyrick
Logan, IL -- The year was 1919 and Woodrow Wilson was president.  That same year a little two story school house opened it's doors to students in Logan, Illinois.  Over the past 86 years many families have attended classes there, but this is the final year for the school.  Dwindling enrollment and state funds are forcing the doors shut for good.
"I like this school better because it's small.  We have dances here and in Benton we won't have our first dance until the 6th grade," says Savannah McGuire, a 5th Grader at Logan Elementary School.
She and her fellow classmates spend their final day of school playing on the computers and looking back at all the things they're going to miss when the school closes.
"Well I'm going to miss my friends.  I'm going to miss this little school, because I like to go to little schools.  I'm going to miss the cafeteria, the tires, the swings, and the slide.  Because I like jumping off the slide," says Casey Hester a 5th Grader at Logan Elementary School.
Most of the students will be transferred into the Benton School District for the 2005-2006 school year, but some will be heading to the Thompsonville School District.
It'll be a whole new school to have to learn their way around.
"It's going to be a lot bigger and there's going to be different people that are there that I don't know," says Lorissa Mocaby a 5th Grader at Logan Elementary School.
All of the schools trophies, and the school pictures will be moved into the Logan Village Hall.  No word yet on what will happen to the building.