Shed Burns Down after Kids Play with Matches

Shed Burns Down after Kids Play with Matches
By: Lauren Keith

Murphysboro, IL - Most schools are out in the Heartland, and that means kids have extra time on their hands, but playtime turned into trouble for some Murphysboro kids.  Firefighters say, the kids were playing with matches, and accidentally lit a shed.  The flames completely gutted the shed and it took an hour and a half to put out the fire. Fire Chief Kevin Reeves is tired of seeing cases like this, and he wants parents to really explain the age-old rule, "don't play with matches".

"Let's take this opportunity to get parents to talk and see what can be done before something like that happens again," said Chief Reeves.

Parent, Dan Reardon had already taken the fire chief's advice.

He thought he had stressed fire safety to his kids; he also told them not to play with matches, or any other flammable items, but just last month, "him and his friends got a hold of leftover fireworks and bottle rockets and they set 'em off, and it hit dry grass, but we got it out quick, and he got punished for it,” said Reardon.

His child, sheepishly admits, " By the time it landed in the field, the field was on fire!  I knew I was in trouble."

Fire Chief Kevin Reeves says, the Reardon's case as well as the fire on Tuesday night, when some kids lit a shed on fire are both very common, especially as we head into the summer months, when the chief says kids generally have more time to possibly find troublesome situations.

The chief shudders at what could have happened here.  He says, kids could have been hurt, or a nearby home destroyed, and he's just glad it didn't happen this time.  He wants to prevent anything like it from happening again.

The chief encourages parents to really talk to their kids and if that doesn't work, Chief Reeves says, get on your kids' level, like logging onto the internet and showing them the numerous fire prevention web sites out there.

"It's definitely no fun spending the summer recovering from burn wounds," said Chief Reeves.

Also, besides the safety concerns, in some cases, kids can actually get into legal trouble for accidentally setting fires.

However, the kids involved with Tuesday night's shed fire don't face any charges.