Can you tell the difference: Paducah PD share pictures of seized BB guns

Can you tell the difference: Paducah PD share pictures of seized BB guns

PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - The Paducah Police Department shared pictures of seized BB guns, asking people if they could tell the difference between them and other handguns.

According to police, two of the BB guns were seized from juveniles over a three-day period during separate investigations.

A light brown handgun was seen sticking out of the right, front pocket of a 13 year old who, when confronted by police, ran away. Police said another handgun was seized after a man called them reporting an 11 year old threatened to shoot him.

According to police, the juveniles in both incidents were charged and released to their parents.

They said the two handguns pictured together were reported stolen and recovered from an area retail business.

All four were BB guns. Police asked, could you tell the difference?

Police say that realistic looking toy guns are causing concerns with the department.

"BB guns have been taken off of some juveniles in the area... They're handgun-shaped BB guns, but they're very realistic looking, so obviously it was a huge concern to us. Not only juveniles having this on them, but people in general," said Kelly Drew, Paducah Police Department Sergeant.

Police note that it isn't illegal to own these guns, but the more real they look, the more danger they might seem to present.

"There have been shootings with people armed with toys because the officer wasn't able to distinguish if it was a toy very quickly," Drew said.

Chief Harry Masse with the Metropolis Police Department says it's been years since his officers have responded to a call about a toy gun, but the possibility worries him too.

"With both toy guns looking real, real guns looking like toys, it puts us in a bad predicament."

Both Masse and Drew say if an officer thinks someone is aiming the real thing, that could have potentially deadly consequences for whoever is pointing the gun.

"Parents, we would love for you guys to really monitor these situations, obviously kids are going to be kids," said Masse.

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