Winter safety tips for your pet

(KFVS) - When it comes to your pet, do you know what to watch out for when it comes to the winter season?

There are some tips on what pet owners need to know when the temperature starts dropping.

A local veterinarian said when the temperature starts to drop to the teens and twenties you need to start paying more attention to your pet's well-being when its outside.

DVM Brett Ward with Helping Hands Veterinary Clinic said if you have an outdoor pet, providing shelter from the wind when it gets cold is important.

  • Pets with short hair can stay warmer by wearing some sort of wind break or sweater
  • Check to make sure water bowls don't freeze
  • Stay up to standards on flea control
  • Be careful with the ice melts and anti-freeze around your pets

"As far as ice melt, the chemicals in there can certainly be toxic to dogs, if they overdo it," Ward said. "A lot of them can be drawn to the salt content of it start licking it, not know when to stop and then they can actually get toxic from it so there are different types of salt product that you can put down that are safer for pets."

Ward also said anti-freeze is the number one toxin in all pets, especially cats and dogs.

So making sure your home is clean of chemicals is important.

With the cold temperatures coming if you see a pet without shelter, food or water it can be considered neglect.

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