PHOTOS: Elves cause mischief across the Heartland

PHOTOS: Elves cause mischief across the Heartland

(KFVS) - You've likely heard (or said) the phrase "Santa's watching you," and thanks to a relatively new holiday tradition, Kriss Kringle gets a behavior report from homes around the globe.

"The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition" book was published in 2005.

In the book, Chippey, one of Santa's scout elves, was assigned to restore 9-year-old Taylor McTuttle's belief in Christmas magic.

Chippey flies back to the North Pole each night to report to Santa, and returns each morning in a new hiding spot to keep watch.

He loses his magic powers when he is touched by the boy. Both Taylor and Chippey lost faith in themselves as a result.

According to the author, "through the power of love and forgiveness, both of them learn the most important lesson of all: that true belief cannot be taught."

So, each family gets their very own elf to name and love, which is how the scout elves get their magic power to report back to Santa.

And, as we've learned, some of the scout elves are very mischievous!

You can check out some of their antics in the slideshow.

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