Hemp-Flavored Lollipops in the Heartland?

Hemp-Flavored Lollipops in the Heartland?
By:  Ryan Tate

Cape Girardeau, MO -- "Stonerware" makes a product they call "highly addictive," "made with hemp," and "tastes like the real deal." The company makes "Pot Suckers," a lollipop made with usual candy ingredients, but with the addition of hemp for flavor.
"I think it's another sign of the decay of society," one Cape Girardeau woman said. "I think it's encouraging illegal drug use and it's candy, children eat candy," another woman said.
The company's President tells Heartland News that the "intention of the product is not to be sold to minors. It's a novelty item, a joke....and it's up to parents to police their children."
A police officer reacts to seeing the product for the first time.
"Frustration. We're trying to keep drugs off the streets and keeping DARE programs funded, and then you see this, and it basically says 'go out and smoke pot,'" Sergeant Kevin Glaser said. Glaser works for the Southeast Missouri Drug Task Force.
Heartland News bought the product at a store in a high-traffic location in the Heartland.