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MO bill would get rid of marriage, replace it with domestic union

(Source: Raycom Media) (Source: Raycom Media)

A Missouri State Representative is proposing a new bill that would take away marriage and replace it instead with domestic union.

Currently, Missourians go to the courthouse to get a marriage license.

 Representative T.J. Berry's bill aims to remove religion from the process of making marriage official. 

"Marriage means a lot to me," Brandon Bechtold of Cape Girardeau said.

Bechtold is a fan of traditional marriage, but Missouri Representative T.J. Berry (R) of District 38 wants to get rid of even the word marriage.

"What House Bill 62 does is it takes marriage out of the public sector because it has traditionally been a religious ceremony," Rep. Berry said.

"Now, a religious officiant would not sign a marriage certificate. If you want government benefits you would get a domestic union whether you’re a traditional couple or non-traditional couple, you would go to the government and have the clerk give a domestic union and sign that that would allow people to file for their governmental benefits and would follow with the government process."

Bechtold said he doesn't like that idea. 

"When I heard about this I'm just like wow no, the world would be so much different and that's pretty much changing the bible and that's what God put us in life to do. I believe everyone should be married," he said.

Representative Berry said religion could still be a part of your special day, but you wouldn't need a pastor's signatures to make it official. 

"If you want to have a celebration... whether it's in a church, or wine hall, or beer hall but you don't need a signature after you do that," Rep. Berry said.

If made into law, Rep. Berry said a religious official would not be allowed to seal a domestic union.

"Right now, when you go to get a marriage certificate you have to file for it, you don't go to the church, you file for it, you get it, and then the officiant signs it," Rep. Berry said. "Well for government a one stop shop you get the license from the government office and it's signed right there and you'd be done as far as government benefits."

However, Bechtold said religion should be involved in such an important decision in someone's life. 

"It's a big thing God put us here on earth to be together to form that one person that you love forever and be with that one person forever and make one big family," Bechtold said.

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