Testing Trouble for Two Heartland Schools

Testing Trouble for Two Heartland Schools
By: Ryan Tate
PARK HILLS, MO -- Leaders at Central High School in Park Hills and the Marquand-Zion District had to deal with the State of Missouri after their students took the M.A.P. tests last month.
In Marquand, a teacher let seventh graders take a break during one of the tests. That break wasn't part of procedures. While in Park Hills, a teacher "coached" 50 students into answering questions correctly during the social studies part of the exam, and one student helped another answer a question.
In Marquand, no other unscheduled breaks were given after the mistake. In Park Hills, the teacher didn't come back to work. According to Superintendent David Stevens, the teacher was not fired, but the teacher no longer works for the district. That is all he would say about the disciplinary action against the teacher. He did comment on what happened that day in the classroom.
"These are high stakes, difficult times," Stevens said. "There's a lot of accountability in education, but these are not good reasons for something like this to take place."
According to a representative with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, there have not been problems in the past with Central or Marquand-Zion with respect to the M.A.P. test.
"We probably won't do a great deal different [in the future], and we'll continue to monitor the tests the same way we did in the past," Stevens said.