12/4/16 - Winning & Losing

By Scott Thomas
KFVS12 Vice President and General Manager

Whether it's politics, athletics, or business, emotions can run high and sportsmanship can get left on the sideline. In fact, there's been a debate going on about youth sports lately that's caught our attention. Should kids get trophies for simply participating?

We say, no. I remember in my early years of little league being taught the importance of being a good winner and loser. How have we gotten away from this? Perhaps, it's because we stopped teaching our youth how to deal with defeat. Many children today are missing out on the true spirit of athletic competition and it's having a negative impact when they reach adulthood.

While winning has it rewards, losing can go a long way in developing perseverance, work ethic, and humility. Seeing another team hoist a winning trophy can be a powerful motivator for young athletes to work harder and get better at their sport and in life. When it comes to youth sports, winning and losing provide some of the greatest joys, disappointments, and learning lessons in the game of life. Lessons that we need to allow our children to learn.

Former Braves and Cardinals pitcher John Smoltz suggests losing, and the lessons learned from it, is the best part of the game. So, when it comes to handing out the trophies at the next sporting event, let's just keep them on the winning side.

I'm Scott Thomas and that's our ViewPoint.

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