KSP Troopers armed with special Teddy Bears

KSP Troopers armed with special Teddy Bears

KENTUCKY (KFVS) - Troopers with the Kentucky State Police have re-armed themselves with 'Trooper Teddy' bears.

Unfortunately, a lot of their interactions with young children is due to a traumatic event like a car crash, a domestic abuse case, or a drug investigation.

'Trooper Teddy' is used to help calm children in those situations and help develop trust between officers and children.

While the program has been around since 1989, the agency ran out of money for the bears in recent years.

Troopers were able to use money from seized assets in drug investigations to buy more bears.

"Money previously used to destroy lives will now be used to help repair lives. There is nothing better than using seized drug dealer money to buy teddy bears for kids in crisis," said Lieutenant Michael Webb.

Each KSP post will have a supply of bears to distribute to road troopers.

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