MO Lt. Gov Kinder ponders life after politics, accomplishments

MO Lt. Gov Kinder ponders life after politics, accomplishments

(KFVS) - Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder told members of the Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce on Friday that he will be looking for work when he ends his final term next month.

Kinder, who ran unsuccessfully for the Governor's seat this year, is finishing his third term as the Show-Me State's Lt Governor.

While Kinder did say he would not be a lobbyist, he wouldn't rule out a chance to work in the Trump administration.

Kinder spoke of some of his accomplishments as both the Lt. Governor and a State Senator from Cape Girardeau.

Included in those were the business building on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University, the prison in Charleston,  and the northern Sikeston interchange on I-55.

He credits bi-partisanship work to getting these community projects done.

The Lieutenant Governor spoke on the Presidential Election that saw Donald Trump win the White House.

The Ferguson riots, says Kinder, was one of the driving issues that caused people to vote for Trump. Average Americans were tired of seeing law enforcement punished for the acts of others.

He said he wanted to be known as a fierce competitor competitor during a campaign, but also one that could work across the aisle when it came time to get something done.

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