Cape Girardeau tech coworking space Codefi moves into Marquette Tower

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The fifth and sixth floor of the Marquette tower are currently occupied by Codefi and it's tenants.

The tech-based collaborative workspace is currently home to 40 businesses. Even at first look, you can tell this office is a little different.

"We're really excited that that has come to southeast Missouri," said Robyn Walker, Executive Director of the Cultural Exchange network.

"I would definitely say it's just electric," said Gunnar Knudtson the Business Director for CarGO.

Codefi offers growing tech-based businesses a place to work and collaborate. The halls are lined with office spaces, but tenants say the common areas are where they do their best work.

"To have our own section is extremely helpful," said Knudtson. "But then to be able to go to these very unique conference rooms, which are just huge incubators, that's where everything happens."

"If I ever get stuck on a problem I can go down the table and ask the next guy what he would do," said Josiah Burchard, the SEMO student who is starting his own business,

"Everything that we built here is really built around the idea that we connect and collaborate around these places," said Dr. James Stapleton, co-founder of Codefi.

Codefi serves as an open place to work but with other amenities - such as a quiet place to take a call.

A mix of rustic wood and metal, with modern art and design, fill the walls. All in an effort, co-founder James Stapleton says, to spark the creativity to help these businesses grow.
"We actually saw a need in the Cape Girardeau Area to catalyze spaces programs and really people around creative developments and start-up operations," said Stapleton.

"Not just everyone has their separate companies but it's - we all get ideas from each other and kinda boost off each other," said Knudtson

A boost to build this community of small business inside the Marquette Tech district which all helps Cape Girardeau.

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