Third-party apps leading to security risks, information hacking in Android smartphones

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - If you're an Android user, you may want put down your phone.

Tech experts say someone hacked million of  Google-operated phones using apps you may have on your smartphone right now.

"That's the way of the future, people just trying to get into your information," said Ryan Frenz, owner of Velocity Electronics in Cape Girardeau.

He explained to Heartland News why hackers target Google and Android phones.

"The iPhone is very particular what apps they will allow in the App Store," he said. "'In some cases on Android phones, you can install third party apps that are not necessarily certified - and that's unfortunately how they're getting on there."

On Wednesday, Check Point, a cyber security firm, found hackers gained access to more than one million Android phones.

The firm found third party apps like Stopwatch, Perfect Cleaner and Wifi Enhancer were among the top apps used to steal your information.

Google is wasting no time addressing the problem, already blocking more 100,000 apps and removing suspicious ones from its app store.

"You can tell if your device has been hacked by going to and they have an article there where you'll be able to input your information to be able to see if your account has been compromised," Frenz said.

And here's some other tips Frenz has for all smart phone users:

  • Change your passwords – it's the number one go-to solution and the easiest precaution you can take to protect your information.
  • Watch the apps you download – If you find an app free that normally cost in your phone's app store, more than likely there are hackers waiting to get in your phone.
  • Update your phone – Frenz said many people choose to hold off on updates, but you may be holding onto a world of trouble.

"You'd rather have something not work for a little while than to have your identity stolen," Frenz said.

Click here to view the full list of apps involved in the hack.

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