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Cape Girardeau, MO

Deadly Cape Girardeau Crash

Deadly Cape Girardeau Crash
By: CJ Cassidy

Cape Girardeau, MO - We have new details about the morning crash that claimed the life of a Cape Girardeau man. According to the Cape Girardeau County Coroner, the victim is 62-year-old Michael Miller Roberts of Cape Girardeau.

The dramatic wreck happened in Cape Girardeau at the intersection of Kingshighway and William Street.Police are still trying to figure out what happened, and they've been talking to eyewitnesses and some of the reports are not only confusing they also conflict with each other.

But everyone agrees it's the worst accident they've seen here in Cape Girardeau in more than twenty years.

The scene immediately following the deadly crash was chaotic to say the least; police and paramedics rushed around trying to help survivors and cover up the car of the victim who died.

"All you could see was debris coming at you," one survivor said.

We caught up with some drivers who were still trying to figure out what had hit them.

"An auto something or other hit me knocked me through the intersection and those two cars flipped and it all happened so fast parts were flying automobiles were flying it was just a tragedy," Edward Ballard from Pulaski County said. Ballard said he was just returning from taking his parents for a doctor's visit.

"I heard a crash to the left of me as I stopped for a light and by that time I saw cars in the air tumbling," Jerry Dunlap says.

Police don't know exactly how the five car crash happened, or how fast the driver of the Chrsyler Sebring was going, but they do know it all happened very quickly.

"That vehicle was East bound struck the rear end of the white van, and caused the chain reaction causes silver car to come in contact with green chevrolet to a dodge caravan," Sgt. Rick Schmidt with the Cape Girardeau Police Department.

Survivors like Edward Ballard say he's just glad his family made it through this mess.

The intersection the accident happened at is the busiest one in Cape Girardeau, but police say it doesn't matter how many lights or warning signs you have up, people still need to focus one hundred percent when they're driving, if only to get out of the way if another driver loses control.

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