Concerned voters soliciting Heartland elector to not finalize Donald Trump as president

Concerned voters soliciting Heartland elector to not finalize Donald Trump as president

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - The votes are counted but the presidential election is technically not finalized until party electors weigh in next month.

A Jackson man responsible for casting one of the final presidential votes is being petitioned by disheartened voters not to vote for Donald Trump.

Scott R. Clark is the Republican elector for Missouri's 8th Congressional District.

Clark's election season is just beginning.

"November 9th, the election mail stopped, except for me, that's when mine really picked up," he said.

In the weeks following the election Clark says his mailbox and inbox have been flooded with thousands of letters from people around the country asking him to not vote against the president-elect.

"I didn't expect the attention that has been brought on by it," Clark said.

Clark gets one of 538 votes nationwide in the electoral college to decide the next president.

Clark says most letters outline concerns over Donald Trump's proposed policies.

However, he says voting against the president-elect is not going to happen no matter their arguments raised.

"I pledged to support the people, whoever the Republican nominee was," he said.

Southeast Missouri State political science profess Rick Althouse says petitioning electors is not a typical practice.

"I honestly hadn't heard of anything this much, this highly developed," Althouse said.

He says laws differ on how electors must vote.

"To my knowledge Missouri does not have a state law that tries to prescribe the action of the electors, some states do."

Regardless, Clark says he won't be swayed and next month he'll be casting his vote for Donald Trump.

"Those people who write in their letters you have to do the will of the people, I am, I doing what my congressional district voted," Clark said.

Clark will join the nine other electors in Missouri in Jefferson City on December 19 to cast their ballots.

26 states and Washington D-C do require electors to vote with the will of the people, if they do not they would face a fine.

So far, in American History there have only been 157 "faithless electors," and only 8 since 1948.

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