Bootheel social media star gets Internet Soul Sensation award from BET

Bootheel social media star gets Internet Soul Sensation award from BET

HAYTI, MO (KFVS) - There's so much talent right here in the Heartland, and one man who lives in the Bootheel just got honored for his.

Karlton Humes said he never thought he would receive this type of reaction from videos he makes in his room, much less an award.

"I just went along with it," Humes said. "[I] added my little flavor to it and it went from there!"

When he's on social media, Karlton Humes calls himself "Not Karlton Banks," and in his viral videos, he reenacts funny moments that happen in African American churches.

"I wasn't mocking the church," he said. "I was just like 'how the church be, what goes on in church, how we do this, how we do that', it's not church that's funny, it's the people inside the pews that are funny."

In his videos, Humes portrays five to six different personalities you may find in a black church including a young child trouble maker he calls LeeLee.

His videos resonate so well with people on social media, Humes gathered almost 600,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram.

But with all that success, Humes never expected to get a call from Black Entertainment Television.

"I was like Soul Train, like the award show on BET," Humes said. "They was like 'yeah, we need you to come', they didn't tell me what I was doing, my heart just dropped, I was like 'WHAT?'"

After getting to Las Vegas and walking the red carpet, Humes said he was still clueless as to why he was there.

"I'm steady asking I'm like 'what am I doing'," he said. "They was like 'we don't know, we heard you're presenting', so I'm like 'Presenting? How am I presenting?' I haven't been to any practices or nothing like that."

What Humes didn't know, he was the one being presented an Internet Soul Sensation award by Neo-Soul singer Erykah Badu.

"So I was like 'that's my name, that's my name, what do I do?'" Humes said. "I just popped up and I was like 'whoa, whoa, whoa, yall didn't tell me this, I would've been more prepared.'"

After that unforgettable night, Humes just can't wait to see what's next.

"Definitely blessed," he said. "This is nothing but God, nothing but God, so I'm just thankful for everything he has done and what he is going to do."

If you want to check out his videos, click here.

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