Missouri ranks in top 15 for most charitable states

Missouri ranks in top 15 for most charitable states

MISSOURI (KFVS) - Missourians are expected to contribute a lot of their time and money on Giving Tuesday.

The state came in third for the percent of the population that collected and distributed clothes, and eighth for collecting and distributing food.

It also ranks high in the percent of people who claim to have donated time and money.

Missouri is the most charitable Heartland state according to WalletHub.

Kentucky isn't far behind. WalletHub ranked the Bluegrass State as number 20.

Illinois came in towards the middle of the pack at No. 32.

Americans donated more than $373 billion to charity in 2015, according to CharityWatch, with the average household giving $2,974.

Nearly a third of all annual giving takes place in December, according to WalletHub.

How to choose a Charity?

WalletHub has some tips for anyone looking to give their time or money to a charity:

  • Find A Cause First: It’s not about the charity but rather the issue that it serves. So make a list of the causes you care about most before researching specific organizations involved in that area. This will help you avoid losing the forest for the trees, emphasizing the beneficiary over the conduit.
  • Ask For Recommendations: People trust reviews from friends and family above all else, so ask your social network for some charitable suggestions. You may even want to ask subject-matter experts for their thoughts. For example, your veterinarian could suggest a good animal-related charity, and an environmental scientist at your local university could suggest a climate-oriented organization. All of their experiences and viewpoints will undoubtedly help you make a better choice.
  • Do Your Research: It’s always important to do your due diligence before spending money with a company, professional or nonprofit for the first time. So check your chosen charity’s website. See how it’s being covered in the press. And look into its financials. In particular, check how much of the organization’s funds are being used for its stated cause compared to marketing and administrator salaries.
  • Spread The Love: You don’t have to pick just one charity. Donations are kind of like crowdfunding in the sense that a lot of people giving small amounts leads to relatively large sums at the end of the day. So don’t try to solve one problem all by yourself. Consider giving small amounts to numerous charities in order to help address the various issues that you care about.

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