Small businesses busy on Cyber Monday

Small businesses busy on Cyber Monday

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Two great reasons to shop online on Monday: it's pouring rain and it's Cyber Monday.

It also means big business for some small Heartland shops.

One children's boutique is spending a lot of time at the post office shipping out its products across the country.

"I actually just had another online order come through," Leigh Anne Reyes, manager at Leigh Anne's Loft, said.

On Cyber Monday, Reyes' clients are wanting the online deals.

"I've already made four trips to the post office which luckily the post office is located right behind us," Reyes said. "So I've been going in with my umbrella because it's been a rainy day so I've been going in there and he's like you're back again and I'm like, of course, it's Cyber Monday."

With marked down prices on these deal grabbing days, Reyes said each year Cyber Monday shopping has doubled.

"We're hoping that since we have free shipping it'll get customers that will be like 'Oh it's free shipping and then they will want to come back,'" Reyes said. "So I feel like when you get that customer and they shop with you once they'll kind of remember you, oh, it's that children's boutique I want to see what they have for Christmas or Easter or something like that."

Leaving it an important day for a business to gain more returning clients than just the local community.

"This just came from Florida," Reyes said. "If we can reach demographics in different cities it's very important to us I feel like once you have that customer they'll come back."

There are also some things to keep in mind on how to stay safe shopping on Cyber Monday.

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