Museum displays around 50 Christmas Trees in Altenburg, MO

Museum displays around 50 Christmas Trees in Altenburg, MO

ALTENBURG, MO (KFVS) - The Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum in Altenburg, Mo. has kicked off their 12th Annual Christmas Tree Exhibit which features around 50 Christmas trees.

This year the exhibit is called "Luther's Indoor Walk in the Woods." These trees are of many different types and each have a story to them.

While staff there have decorated some, others have contributed to dressing their own up for display there.

For example, one tree called "I Thank My Lucky Stars" is a Patriotic tree that was created by students and staff at the Altenburg Public School. Students have even displayed messages as ornaments on the tree as well for what they are thankful for.

Another tree called the "Red & White Bavarian Tree" was donated to remember the Bavarian culture that is part of the early make-up of east Perry County.

There are many more trees with stories to tell here though in which many dive in to the past of Perry County's history.

Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum Staff Member Gerard Fiehler said there is a lot of stories and history with these trees that compliment the items and historical findings they have right there in the museum.

Fiehler said many people have already came by to look at the trees including over 50 on Friday. He said there has been people from all over the area including people as far away as South Dakota, Alabama and even Australia.

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