Paducah man arrested on drug, theft, and assault charges

Paducah man arrested on drug, theft, and assault charges

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY (KFVS) - A man is in custody for multiple charges including possession of drugs and driving while intoxicated in McCracken County, Kentucky.

The County Sheriff's Office reports a deputy observed a man acting suspiciously and pulling in and out of closed businesses in the area of Husband Road and Bridge Street at around 11:30 on the night of Wednesday, November 23rd.

The man began to drive erratically and the deputy pulled him over, believing him to be driving while intoxicated.

The driver, identified as 34-year-old Robert Garnett of Paducah, tried to escape on foot while the deputy tried to place him under arrest.

He was caught and arrested, after which he was found to be in the possession of an open alcohol container, marijuana, prescription drugs, and drug paraphernalia.

Garnett again tried to escape custody while the deputy was taking him to the jail; he stole a vehicle and drove off right as the deputy approached him, but not before hitting the deputy with the car door, causing the deputy minor injury.

The stolen vehicle was found a short time later and Garnett was again placed under arrest and taken to McCracken County Jail on several new charges, including 3rd degree assault on a police officer.

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