How to cope with the stresses of the holiday season

Tips for dealing with holiday stress

(KFVS) - Thanksgiving always brings mixed emotions whether you're excited to see your family or stressing out about getting the meal finished on time.

However, there are some tips on how to not get stressed out this holiday season.

One Heartland expert said being prepared, easing your expectations, supporting one another and balancing your finances can help de-stress your holiday season.

"Thanksgiving can vary between very calm on my in-law's side of the family," mother Autumn Duckett said. "My side of the family- we're a larger family, so it gets a little crazy, kids running around, lots of chaos, everybody everywhere."

"I've got to make a pumpkin pie because that man can eat a whole pumpkin pie by himself," Judy Criddle, a Cape Girardeau resident, said.

Mary Robertson is a mental health therapist, some tips Robertson suggests to not get stressed out during the holidays are:

  • To make sure to have rest
  • Alleviate your expectations
  • And support one another

"I think expectations are probably what make holidays wonderful or terrible, because you know sometimes we stress over what is somebody going to think about my cooking, Sometimes if we let go of our expectations, sometimes it relieves the anxiety about our expectations," Robertson said.

Duckett said after becoming a mom she does not expect everything to always go perfectly.

"My advice would be let it go, it's about family it's not about who has the perfect turkey, or the perfect pumpkin pie," Duckett said. "What used to stress me out was probably having the expectation that everything was going to come out dinner is at 1 o'clock so everything need to be pulled out and ready to serve and when you have kids that's not the case as long as everything gets out on the table you're good to go."

"Expect things to not go perfectly, I think that's the big thing with getting through the holidays," Robertson said.

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