Emerson Talks Social Security

Emerson Talks Social Security
PORTAGEVILLE, MO -- The goal of social security is to provide a safety net for people, so it's no surprise that just about everyone has an opinion on how the program should be handled.
Saturday afternoon, Missouri Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson held a town hall forum to discuss social security with people from around Missouri's eighth congressional district. The debate centered around the future of social security
People from several southeast Missouri counties turned up to hear what the congresswoman had to say and also give their opinion. Emerson says, the debate needs to be decided in a bi-partisan fashion.
More than 100 people showed up at the forum.

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Social Security Facts
  • In 1935, Congress passed and President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law the "Social Security Act." This law created "a system of Federal old-age benefits" for workers and their families. In 1956, the law was amended to also provide disability benefits.
  • Social Security is composed of two separate entities: The "Old Age and Survivors" program and the "Disability" program.
  • Each program has separate finances, but for the purpose of simplicity, the figures shown below reflect the combination of both programs unless otherwise stated.  
  • The "Supplemental Security Income" program provides benefits for aged, blind, and disabled people without regard to prior workforce participation. It is administered by the Social Security Administration, but it is not funded by Social Security taxes. This program is not covered in this list of facts.

Source:  Just Facts