Perry Co., MO continues preparations for 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

Perry Co., MO continues preparations for 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

PERRY COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - The City of Perryville, Missouri is continuing to work on its plans for the August 2017 solar eclipse.

On Saturday, Nov 19., the city practiced another part of its plans at the Perryville Municipal Airport.

Dave Bohlman, Hawken Orbital Lead Engineer, launched a high altitude balloon that reached up to roughly 100,000 feet in the atmosphere.

In fact, it was so high it went into the Stratosphere.

This balloon will be part of the events that are held in Perryville the day of the eclipse.

Bohlman said the balloon is equipped with GPS and will have the capability of taking pictures during the eclipse.

"Here we will be able to take pictures of the shadow across the earth," he said. "So kind of like a backwards direction, but also we want to see what kind of effects it might have with temperature and radios and air pressure. If anything like that for as the shadow comes across, trying to see if there is any short term effects."

Bohlman said this will mainly take pictures of the moon's shadow that casts down on the earth during the time the eclipse will be happening.

Perry County, Missouri tourist director Trish Erzfeld said her town is proud to host the unique experience.

"It's very neat," she said. "It's never been done here, we've never had an eclipse and this is just something new for all of us around here to experience, its really opened doors in science, aviation, astronomy, everything science."

Events are being planned all across the Heartland for the eclipse. KFVS12 will keep you updated on what will be going on in a community near you as the countdown to the Total Solar Eclipse continues.

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