Developer creates detector to identify 'B.S.' on Facebook

Developer creates detector to identify 'B.S.' on Facebook

(KFVS) - Since the election you have probably heard some frustrations about "fake news" on Facebook and how it might have impacted the results of the election.

Mark Zuckerburg says what we see on Facebook is authentic 99 percent of the time.

Only a small amount of what is posted is fake news and hoaxes.

However, one programmer isn't totally convinced.

That is why Daniel Sieradski came up with a simple solution.

He developed a Google Chrome extension he call the B.S. Detector.

The goal: identify fake and satirical news sites and then prevent them from going viral.

Sieradski says right now the extension will flag content from more than 360 sites, including InfoWars.

The list consists of websites that traffic in fake news, parody news, un-sourced claims, fabrications, innuendo and conspiracy theories.

The extension is really easy to use.

In fact, Sieradski says he threw it together in under an hour, "to push back against Mark Zuckerberg's claim that Facebook is unable to do something about the proliferation of fake news on their platform."

To install it, clicking the add to chrome button after you found the extension in the Chrome Web Store.

Then when you hover over a link of a questionable site, a little red warning box will pop up.

Sieradski says he has done his best to stay "wholly objective" when compiling the list of flagged sites.

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