Leaving leaves be may benefit your lawn

Leaving leaves be may benefit your lawn

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - With no-burn orders in place in many towns and cities around the Heartland, what should you do with all your leaves?

Southeast Missouri State University biology professor Allen Bornstein says it could be best to just leave them be.

Leaves can act as a natural fertilizer when they break down.

He says the nutrients the leaves release benefit your grass and plants the following year.

The only catch: you still have to put some effort in to help them along the decomposing process.

"It's helpful to try to mulch them in a way to get them much smaller in size so that they sort of work their way in between the blades of grass and then it gets into the soil a little more easily and then the organisms involved can do their thing," he said.

Bornstein says running the leaves over with a lawnmower several times should break them down.

Lawn care experts warn if whole leaves or too many leaves are left all winter, it could kill the grass.

They say it's all about finding a good balance.

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